When you wish to place an order, we require all orders to be sent over to us on a CSV file for import. You can use your current CSV files or alternatively you can download one of our relevant templates below. Information on this is to be filled out and sent back over to us ready to be imported onto our system.

If you would like to use your own CSV file please provide us with a copy prior to your orders being placed so that we can set this up correctly. Once your order has been received it is processed onto our system on the same day and you will be informed if any of the items that you require are out of stock or have been discontinued.

Please send your CSV files to the following email addresses:

For Standard delivery (into stores / warehouses) orders email: orders@birlea.com
For Next Day delivery (using your own courier) orders email: nextday@birlea.com
For Birlea Direct Home Delivery orders email: homedelivery@birlea.com

Please be advised that we have updated the current CSV file making a generic file type. The same CSV can now be used for standard, home delivery, next day & customer collections. Please note that this needs selecting upon placing the order alongside your customer number.

Please note that we are a trade only company and do not accept orders from members of the public.