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The SleepSoul Bliss mattress features three layers of foam to give you a blissful night’s sleep.

2cm of memory foam is sandwiched between two 2cm layers of soft foam to give you the highest levels of comfort. If that wasn’t enough, we even added a soft pillow-top layer of plush fillings for additional cushioning and comfort. Sink into the Bliss mattress and you’ll never want to get up again. No, really — you might want to set a few alarms…

The mattress also includes 800 individual edge-to-edge pocket springs to support your body in all the right places. You’ll remain stable and supported throughout the night, helping you stay limber and healthy for the day tomorrow.

The Bliss mattress prevents you from rolling around the bed, so you won’t need to worry about falling off the side or onto your partner. Enjoy a deep sleep without getting woken up during the night. Let’s just hope your partner isn’t a snorer…

The Bliss mattress is vacuum sealed and packed into a box for freshness and convenience. Simply release from the box, remove the inner plastic wrap and watch as your mattress begins to take shape. In 2 hours, it will be good; in 24 hours, it will be great.

Sleep easy with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, so achieve that good night’s sleep that you deserve with SleepSoul by Birlea.

Learn more about our Bliss mattress here.

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Sub Type Product Code Colour Item Size Range Material Style Height Width Length Comfort Rating Number Boxes
Pocket Sprung|Memory Foam SS-3BLISS800 White 3ft SleepSoul Memory Foam Modern 320 900 1900 2 1
Pocket Sprung| Memory Foam SS-4BLISS800 White 4ft SleepSoul Memory Foam Modern 320 1200 1900 2 1
Pocket Sprung| Memory Foam SS-46BLISS800 White 4ft6 SleepSoul Memory Foam Modern 320 1350 1900 2 1
Pocket Sprung| Memory Foam SS-5BLISS800 White 5ft SleepSoul Memory Foam Modern 320 1500 2000 2 1
Pocket Sprung| Memory Foam SS-6BLISS800 White 6ft SleepSoul Memory Foam Modern 320 1800 2000 2 1

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