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The SleepSoul Heaven mattress puts comfort first. Indulge in multiple layers of plush foam for a deep, restful sleep.

The Heaven mattress includes 1000 individual edge-to-edge pocket springs to support your body in any position. So whether you’re a toss-and-turner, a duvet hogger or a belly flopper, you’re guaranteed a comfortable night’s sleep with SleepSoul.

The 2cm layer of coolgel allows your body to sink deep into the mattress. It moulds to your sleeping position, helping relieve pressure off your muscles and joints, and even spreads your weight evenly to prevent you from rolling around.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added a luxuriously soft euro top for even more comfort. Sewn flush with the top of the mattress, the eurotop adds a seamless layer of high quality foamIt really must be felt to be believed.

Sleep easy with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, so achieve that good night’s sleep that you deserve with SleepSoul by Birlea.

Learn more about our Heaven mattress here.

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Product Code Colour Item Size Range Material Style Height Width Length Comfort Rating Number Boxes
SS-3HEA1000V2 White 3ft SleepSoul Coolgel Modern 250 900 1900 2 1
SS-46HEA1000V2 White 4'6ft SleepSoul Coolgel Modern 250 1350 1900 2 1
SS-5HEA1000V2 White 5ft SleepSoul Coolgel Modern 250 1500 2000 2 1
SS-6HEA1000V2 White 6ft SleepSoul Coolgel Modern 250 900 1900 2 1

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