SleepSoul Heaven Mattress

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The SleepSoul Heaven mattress features a sumptuously soft euro-top for additional comfort. Featuring edge to edge 1000 individual pocket springs and featuring an added layer of 2cm of coolgel that responds to your temperature and spreads weight evenly. This mattress will provide the best of both worlds and help you get the best night’s sleep.

All our SleepSoul mattresses come vacuum packed and boxed for extra convenience.

Sleep easy with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, so achieve that good night’s sleep that you deserve with SleepSoul by Birlea.

Remove the inner plastic wrap and wait for the magic to happen. In 2 hours its good and in 24 hours its great!

Our SleepSoul Heaven mattress is available in 2 sizes; 4ft6 double and 5ft King size.

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Product Code Colour Item Size Range Material Style Height Width Length Comfort Rating Number Boxes
SS-3HEA1000V2 White 3ft SleepSoul Coolgel Modern 250 900 1900 2 1
SS-6HEA1000V2 White 3ft SleepSoul Coolgel Modern 250 900 1900 2 1
SS-46HEA1000V2 White 4'6ft SleepSoul Coolgel Modern 250 1350 1900 2 1
SS-5HEA1000V2 White 5ft SleepSoul Coolgel Modern 250 1500 2000 2 1

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