Why Buy An Ottoman Bed?

With more and more new homes limited for storage space solution innovative new ways to store items are becoming increasing popular. As a result of this homeowners are looking for innovative new ways to stow away items. If your one of those people that like a tidy decluttered room then a ottoman storage bed is the perfect solution.

What is an Ottoman Bed?

An ottoman bed is a bed frame that features a gas-lift hydraulic base that lifts up to reveal plentiful storage space underneath. Ottoman beds offer greater storage capacity than a standard drawer bed as you can utilise the entire space underneath the mattress rather than a couple of storage drawers. Ottomans either open from the foot end or from the side and are particularly useful when space in bedrooms is limited

Types of ottoman bed

There are two types of ottoman beds. A foot end ottoman an a side ottoman (Both pictured below)

Footend ottoman (Marquis)

Side ottoman (Stratus)

How do ottoman beds lift up?

All ottoman beds that we sell are powered by gas-lift hydraulics. This means that:
  • minimal effort is required to access the storage within the bed
  • once up, it stays up – until you’re ready to close it
  • Please note that an ottoman bed should not be forced down. It’s the weight of the mattress that enables the gas lift to work effectively

Additional benefit’s of an ottoman bed

  • You can store heavier bigger objects beneath your mattress,which wouldn’t fit in a chest of drawers or wardrobe.
  • Secret storage space allows you to hide more valuable objects
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